NEW  YIN deep stretch RESET
NEW YIN deep stretch RESET

NEW YIN deep stretch RESET

We’ve added a new session to our amazing schedule! Yin deep stretch Reset begins this Saturday 9/9 at 12 pm

Yin(deep stretch)Reset
Reset your Body Mind and Spirit with YinReset
Session begins starts with 45 minutes of Yin Yoga. These here postures are restful and held for longer periods of time to stretch deeper, -up to 3 minutes. The longer, passive holds activate the parasympathetic nervous system for deep relaxation and go deeper into the connective tissues of the body known as fascia.
Benefits of Yin Yoga: Increased flexibility, Relaxed state of mind, Release trapped energy, Create a sense of balance and strength
We finish with 15 minutes of guided meditation and sound. – Relax on your back and listen to a guided meditation with sound therapy designed to integrate the whole self, mind, body and spirit and offer space to explore what shows up in the moment. Sound therapy with a gong, tibetan singing bowls or crystal bowls are an ancient therapeutic technique using tonal frequencies to harmonize & balance the body’s vibrations, inducing a deeply restorative state in the brain, activating your body’s self-healing system.
Benefits of guided meditation and sound therapy: Deep Rest and restoration, Connect with your higher self, Positive psychological benefits and may aid in healing depression/anxiety, Release the past, heal the body and release long held emotions
The Benefits of Sound Healing Sound healing has emerged as an alternative therapy people seek in the case of stress, anxiety, or to deal with pain. Deep Relaxation is one of the most important and universal advantages of sound therapy. The sounds pervade our system, restoring equilibrium. Improves Energy, Deep healing occurs as the sound vibrations open, clear, and balance the chakras and release blocked energy, leaving feeling refreshed and balanced. Health Benefits Improved sleep, less chronic pain, lower risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure & cholesterol levels.
Mental Health Benefits Many find relief from Stress, anxiety with sound healing as it restores mental balance, peace of mind and clarity, igniting your sense of purpose, wellness and joy. Are you in need of a Reset / YinReset Saturday’s at 12pm, only at the Blue!