About us

About us

We believe in the power of love and community and the healing benefits of being together. We believe yoga should be priced fairly so everyone can join in. We believe we are here for a greater purpose. Family owned and operated we are happy to serve you!

Samantha started her career in a hair salon where she developed beautiful colors and beautiful connections with her clients. After ten years of styling and conversing, she joined the family Hot yoga business, where she directed day to day operations for five years. She became an RYT 200 yoga teacher in 2018.

A busy mom to two beautiful and active kids, Sam understands how important it is to take time for yourself on your mat and also to relax with friends and a cup of coffee!

Her dream of owning a hip coffee shop where amazing people come together, came true with Blue Buddha. She’s excited to meet you serve you your favorite drink and talk about pretty much anything.

For the last twenty-two years, Karin has been a shining light in the hot yoga community. Certified in five different lineages of yoga and with over 16000 teaching hours and 1500 hours in yoga trainings, she has personally studied alongside some of the most influential Yoga Gurus of our time;

Hot Yoga’s Bikram Choudhury. Creator of Kripalu Center and I AM Yoga. Amrit Desai. Yoga Nidra and Yoga Therapy guru, Kamini Desai.  Senior teacher to Yogi Bhajan- Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, Jaap Kaur Khalsa. David Berceli, Ph.D. creator of Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE). Structural Yoga Therapy Guru, Mukunda Stiles.  Yin Yoga specialist Paul Grilley and many more. Karin is grateful for each experience. 

Karin’s passion to serve others in a bigger way came true in 2012 when she created and founded Hot Yoga University. After eight exhilarating years, it was time for a change. She sold the studio to one of her yoga students and enjoyed a one year sabbatical on the beach. While there she experienced deep healing and beautiful insights to life.

She finally returned to the Arizona desert, relaxed and restored, mind, body and soul with a renewed vision. To bring community back together again in a very intimate setting. This new concept for wellness combined her passion to serve others, and Sam and Roy’s passion for great coffee, along with everyone’s love for local art. 

Blue Buddha is that space…Karin’s vision in manifest form, where we all gather once again.


Roy’s attention to detail always shines through, whether he’s folding towels or detailing his car. An Army veteran who spent 35 years in corporate America, gladly trade his business casual for yogi shorts in 2012 to run the back office at their first hot yoga studio. Loving life, married for 40 years to Karin, he enjoys each day! 

He’s now everyone’s favorite barista! Look for his quick smile, friendly conversation and the best lavender latte’s in town.