Blacklight Hot Yoga

Blacklight Hot Yoga

Blacklight Hot Yoga is out of this world!

“The coolest experience I’ve had in along long time, it was almost as if I was floating in the cosmos.”

Once a week we turn off the regular lighting and turn on the blacklights. Creating a new, fun yoga experience!

Check the schedule for blacklight hot yoga class times!

Blacklight yoga class

You’ll love the combination of blacklights, infrared heat and the mesmerizing colored lights shooting around the room. The blacklights create a shift of consciousness from our mundane fluorescent world, to a heightened realm of expanded awareness.

The glow creates a shift in our day to day experiences with a magical almost trance-like state. This shift allows us to let go of stuck perceptions, open up to emotional, energetic and psychological sensations and feelings and work to find balance in a whole new way! 

Come glow with us!