What if you let go?
What if you let go?

What if you let go?

90 Day left in 2022

What if you let go?”

One of my favorite parts of practicing yoga, is taking the time to go within after class.
What I’ve gained from meditation is a freedom and inner peace that the outer world simply cannot touch.
After class today, I received this message- “What if you let go?”

My mind started to race, what do I need to let of???
And then almost magically like watching an old time projector movie reel, images of things I was obviously still holding onto, began to quickly pass by, one frame at a time.
Then the message came again, “What if you let go?”

Then I realized my mind was actually doing just that, letting go, processing and releasing all those things.
And I was simply the observer, watching it all happen.

We all hold onto stuff- hey we’re human. Stuff that hurts, stuff that makes us sad, stuff that makes us angry and stuff that makes us wish some things were different…

And guess what? The more time we spend in meditation, the faster we let go of that stuff…and it’s effortless.
There are 90 days left in 2022, perhaps meditation is your something to commit to, to do your best, to finish the year strong.

Try it out for yourself…Just take the time to sit in the stillness & quiet…see what shows up and what lets go…
Karin xx