When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Blue Buddha owner Karin Fellman and Dr. Stu Glassner

When the person who taught you your first yoga class comes to take your class…
Honestly teared up when my 1st Bikram yoga teacher walked up to me at the studio and said, “Do you remember me?”
Dr. Stu Glassner taught Sam and I our very 1st yoga class 20 years ago.
True story, we didn’t know it was hot yoga, the name of the studio didn’t give it away…”The Yoga Institute” it was in Old Town Scottsdale -no longer there anymore, it was the small studio where I found myself again and for the next 10 years grew up as a yoga teacher.

I think as women we tend to be everything for everybody. Along with being a mom, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, friend, I was also a boss and a co-worker. And I also very quickly got sucked into corporate life…the golden handcuffs, the long hours and endless bonuses that kept me going…
Not aware that I had lost myself in the process, until I began to spend time on my mat, looking at myself in the mirror and at first wondering who that person was. As I practiced more and more a new path emerged from my heart.
So I quit my job, went to yoga training and never looked back.
A lot has happened since then; 3 yoga studios, more revelations and wake up calls and today feeling more grateful and renewed than ever.
I always say- the past doesn’t define us, it does though help to shape who we are in the present.
I am so very grateful for my past and all souls, lessons and the teachers along the way…especially my very first one.

Karin xx