Coffee and More!

Coffee and More!

Drip Coffee

Blue Buddha proudly serves Cult Organic Honduras Marcala Comucap Whole Bean roasted coffee.  From the Marcala, La Paz Region, this coffee is bright and vibrant, with brown sugar, and nutmeg notes.  This coffee collective is owned and operated by the indigenous Lenca Women of La Paz to provide a better life for their families.

$2.50 12oz / $2.75 16oz / $ 3.00 20oz

Awakened Buddha

12, 16, or 20oz Brewed Drip Coffee with 2 shots of Espresso!  For those who wish to be ‘awakened’ all day!

$3.00 16oz / $3.50 20oz / $4.00 24oz

Iced Coffee - Cold Brew

All natural, smooth and fresh Cult Cold Brew Coffee. Especially made in Arizona.

*** See  Specials for a ‘Iced Vanilla Cold Brew with Cold Foam’  upgrade! ***

$2.00 16oz / $2.50 20oz / $3.00 24 oz

Hot Chocolate

What can you say about Hot Chocolate? It’s a Classic!  Steamed milk of choice, Holy Kakow or Hershey’s chocolate, and whip!  Can be modified to ‘Little Buddha Temp’ for younger guests!

$3.00 16oz / $3.50 20 oz / $4.00 24 oz

Cold Chocolate Milk

Another Classic! Especially with our younger guests!  Choice of milk, Holy Kakow or Hersheys chocolate, whip and sprinkles!

$3.00 16 oz / $3.50 20 oz / $4.00 24 oz

Prices listed do not include sales tax.

Alternative milk choice (Oat, Almond, Soy, Coconut) add $0.75