Hot Yoga, How Hot is Too Hot?

We all love hot yoga for its many benefits from weight loss, regulating your nervous system, boosting your immune response naturally and much more. But how hot is too hot? With over twenty years of experience in the Hot Yoga Industry we know that all that is necessary to receive the benefits of the practice is to break a sweat and keep it going. This is why we set our room at the lowest possible temperature to facilitate just that.

We designed the Blue with Therapeutic InfraRed Radiant. Heat. It is an upgraded, safe and enjoyable hot yoga experience.

Our Hot room is set at a comfortable 102* with 25% Humidity, remotely controlled eliminating the possibility of erratic and extremely high temps. It is the perfect balance of heat and humidity- You won’t find “hot or cold’ spots in our InfraRed room- Infrared panels heat objects, not the room itself, making every spot ideal.

You’ll notice the InfraRed difference right away. Superior sweat without getting red-faced, or feeling overwhelmed by extreme oppressive heat. InfraRed heat is balanced and comforting -similar to the InfraRed used in incubators for babies.

Come experience the new way to be Hot at Blue Buddha! Read more about the InfraRed difference.