Espresso Menu

Espresso Menu


Iced or Hot Espresso


Espresso, steamed milk

$3.50 / $4.50


Espresso, chocolate, milk, whip

$3.50 / $4.50

2 Shots Espresso

Rich flavor in a small cup




Espresso shot, steamed milk, foam

$3.00 /$3.25

Hot Chocolate

Steamed milk of choice, chocolate, whip

$3.00 / $3.50

Awakened Buddha

Espresso, brewed coffee

$3.00 / $4.00

Drip Coffee


Humanely sourced, specialty grade, whole bean roast



Humanely sourced, specialty grade, whole bean roast


Blended Smoothies

Buddha Buzz

Plant or whey based protein , espresso, peanut butter, banana, blended chocolate syrup and ice

$5.75 / $6.50

Buddha Blend

Mocha, Caramel, Vanilla Bean, or Peppermint blended with ice and espresso

$4.75 /$6.50

Buddha Matcha

Plant or whey based vanilla protein, matcha green tea shot, almond milk, banana

$6.25/ $7.00


Iced Tea

Green, Black

$2.50 / $3.25 / $4.00


Organic Chai tea with milk

$3.50 / $4.00

Organically Dirty Chai

Organic Chai tea with milk and single shot of espresso



Japanese Green Tea served over milk and ice, lightly sweetened with honey

3.00 / $3.75

Hot Tea

Organic, variety


Blue Recovery

An all natural, botanical infusion, sugar and caffeine free

$3.40/ $4.25/$4.75

Little Buddhas

Magic Milk

Milk choice, served over ice, mixed with flavor choice, topped with whip and sprinkles


Cup of Whip

Whip cream, served with a spoon, topped with sprinkles


Steamed Magic Milk

Milk choice, steamed to “little buddha’s temp”, topped with whip cream, drizzle, and sprinkles.


Bottled Water

Alkaline Water



Alternative milk

breve, almond, coconut, oat


Add a flavor

vanilla, sf vanilla, french vanilla, caramel, sf caramel, hazelnut, lavender, toffee, almond, peppermint


Pre-packaged store-bought baked goods and microwavable sweets